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Book Choice

An online selection platform enabling equitable access to books Grades Pre-K to 12.

What is BookChoice?

BookChoice is an online platform that is designed to address equity concerns and provide free-choice books and reading materials for all children.

Bookworm Central’s online literacy-supporting portal enables schools to have a simple-to-coordinate turn-key solution to provide all students books of choice in their homes.

The aim of this program is to facilitate equitable access to books so all students have free-choice resources and remain inspired to continue reading and learning.

By Participating, Schools Can…

Empower Students

Ensure that every student, regardless of their background, has access to quality reading materials that cater to their interests and academic needs.

Strengthen Community Ties

A book drive is a collaborative effort, bringing together teachers, parents, students, and the broader community. It’s an opportunity to rally around a shared mission and foster a sense of unity and purpose.

Directly Impact School Resources

The funds raised can be used to enhance classroom libraries, support literacy programs, or even sponsor students who might not have the means to purchase books themselves.

Promote Lifelong Learning

By emphasizing the importance of books and reading, schools instill in students a love for learning that goes beyond the classroom and lasts a lifetime.

Why invest in BookChoice?

Student Choice

Establishes a reader/book connection and provides students with free-choice resources so they may be vested in reading regularly.

Equitable Access

Provides all children, with or without technology and internet, an equitable literary experience.

Easy to Use Platform

Gives school divisions an online platform to directly invest in keeping students motivated to read and learn fro both pleasure and purpose.

Encourages Reading

Supports teachers and parents in encouraging regular reading practices.

Benefits of having Student Choice


Choosing their own books makes reading more enjoyable, enticing children to learn independently outside of the classroom


Students develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, increasing their motivation to read and care for their books.


Expanding student access to books of choice improves their overall vocabulary skills and verbal fluency.


Students who select their own books read more often, and are likely to do better in academic tests.

Program Participation Guidelines

1 Step 1:

Schools identify students who would benefit most from the program.

2 Step 2:

Schools register students on Bookworm Central’s online BookChoice portal.

3 Step 3:

Students make their choices from a curated selection of books by grade and/or reading levels.

4 Step 4:

Bookworm Central processes, fulfills, and ships orders.

Empowering Education

Seamless Technology, Comprehensive Solutions, and Insightful Data Reporting with the BookChoice Program.

Bookworm Central is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that cater to every aspect of the reading program - from the initial book selection to distribution, and even post-program analysis.

Dive into how the BookChoice Program utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer a seamless and enhanced reading experience for both educators and students.

The BookChoice Program goes beyond just providing books. We equip educators with custom data reporting tools that offer valuable insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for enhanced learning outcomes.


Frequently Asked Questions

BookChoice ensures every child, regardless of tech access, receives books of their choice directly at home.

Student choice fosters a deeper connection to reading, leading to improved vocabulary and academic performance.

BookChoice aids educators and parents in motivating students to read regularly, enhancing their learning journey.