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Inspiring family time and fostering a love for reading, one book at a time.

What is Booklings?

A monthly reading subscription kit designed for children ages 3-7. Each kit is a treasure trove, packed with a handpicked book, a related activity, and a parent guide to make the most of your reading time.

Why invest in Booklings?

Shared Moments

Strengthen family bonds with shared reading experiences.

Curated Selections

Quality books handpicked for young readers.

Beyond Reading

Activities that emphasize the book’s theme and message.

Guided Exploration

Parent guides to navigate the literary journey with your child.

Who needs Booklings?

Perfect for parents, grandparents, educators, and anyone looking to introduce the joys of reading to a young child. Whether you’re building a reading habit or searching for quality time activities, Booklings is your companion.

Booklings - Inspired by research to be more than just a reading program.


Frequently Asked Questions

No worries! Our expert curators ensure that the books in each kit are age-appropriate and engaging.

Absolutely! Booklings makes for a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. Simply choose the ‘Gift’ option during checkout.

Our team of literary experts carefully curate each book and activity, ensuring they align with developmental milestones and promote engaging, educational experiences for children aged 4-8.