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Proudly Distributing Virginia Readers’ Choice & Reading is Fundamental Selections

Virginia Readers’ Choice

Virginia Readers Choice is a prestigious literary program in Virginia, dedicated to promoting a love for reading among the state’s youth. By annually spotlighting a curated selection of the best books across various age categories, it encourages students to delve into compelling stories that resonate and enlighten. Serving as a beacon for educators, parents, and libraries, “Virginia Readers Choice” aims to inspire a generation of well-read, discerning young Virginians.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

Partnering with the nation’s largest children’s literacy non-profit, Bookworm Central brings the magic of RIF’s book selections to classrooms and homes across Virginia. Discover books that not only entertain but also educate and inspire.

Virginia Reads

Virginia Reads is a curated initiative that promotes diverse children’s literature in Virginia. By offering an annual selection of outstanding books across picture, middle-grade, and young adult categories, it provides educators and parents with meaningful reading resources. This program ensures Virginia’s youth have access to stories that reflect their experiences and expand their worldviews.