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Empowering Communities, One Book at a Time

Bookworm Central champions the transformative power of reading, enriching communities with every book shared. Join our literary journey.

Empowering Communities Through the Joy of Reading:

Bookworm Central is dedicated to enriching communities through shared stories and knowledge. We see reading as a collective experience that unites and empowers. Our initiatives aim to make the joy of books accessible to everyone, bridging gaps and fostering growth. Together, let’s strengthen communities, one book at a time.

Our Initiatives

Programs Supporting Literacy and Reading:

At the heart of Bookworm Central’s mission is the promotion of literacy and reading. We design and implement specialized programs that cater to diverse age groups, ensuring that everyone, from toddlers to adults, has access to quality reading materials. These programs often include reading challenges, author interactions, specialized literacy initiative, and storytelling sessions, all aimed at fostering a love for books and enhancing reading skills.


Community Events:

Bookworm Central believes in the power of community. We regularly host and participate in community events, such as local book fairs, reading marathons, and storytelling festivals. These events serve as platforms for individuals to come together, share their love for literature, and engage in meaningful discussions. They also provide opportunities for local authors and illustrators to showcase their work and interact with their audience.


Business and Nonprofit Collaborations:

Bookworm Central actively partners with private/public sector businesses and nonprofits. Through these collaborations, we co-host literary events, sponsor reading programs, and conduct book drives. Our shared vision with NGOs amplifies our reach, ensuring more communities have access to quality reading resources and literacy initiatives.


Memberships and Affiliations:

To broaden our impact and stay updated with the latest in the world of literature and education, Bookworm Central maintains memberships and affiliations with leading literary and educational organizations. These affiliations allow us to tap into a vast network of resources, ensuring that our offerings are always in line with global standards and trends.

  • Education Book & Media Association
  • Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
  • Loudoun County Education Foundations Advisory Trustee
  • Maryland Association of School Librarians
  • Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation
  • Prince William Chamber of Commerce
  • Prince William Chamber of Commerce Education and Innovation Committee Member
  • Prince William County Schools
  • Smart Beginnings Greater Prince William Executive Board of Directors
  • Virginia Association of School Librarians Member
  • Virginia State Reading Association Member