Build Your Own Online Bookstore With Us

The Visionary Beginning:

Bookworm Central sprouted from a simple yet profound wish: to enrich children’s lives by providing them access to quality books. didn’t just stop at books Our founder, Radhika Bajaj envisioned a company. That would give back to schools and the community, laying the foundation for a legacy that prioritizes the holistic development of young minds.

Our Journey

The Dynamic Duo:

Every great story has its heroes, and ours are Radhika Bajaj and Laurie Rothenberg. Together, they embarked on a mission to curate the finest books and introduce customized book fairs to schools. Their combined passion and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the Bookworm Central we know and love today.


Innovation at Its Best:

Always ahead of the curve, Bookworm Central proudly launched the first online book fair. Though a novel concept at the time, this innovative approach has since become a cherished platform for our loyal customers.

Growth and Expansion:

From our humble beginnings in a leased warehouse in Fairfax, Virginia, our journey led us to expansive warehouses in Manassas, Virginia. This move marked our evolution in services, offerings, and our commitment to the literary world.


Our Mission

Dedication and Commitment:

Our team at Bookworm Central is our backbone. Their unwavering dedication ensures that every interaction you have with us is personal, prompt, and filled with care. We’re here for you, always.

Community and Collaboration:

We cherish our community ties and continuously strive to nurture and strengthen these bonds. Collaboration is at the heart of our operations, making us accessible to anyone who shares our passion for reading and learning.

Our Impact

Touching Lives:

Our journey is more than just books. It’s about the lives we touch, the stories we share, and the futures we help shape. At Bookworm Central, we’re committed to opening minds, warming hearts, and planting seeds for a brighter, happier, and more wholesome tomorrow for all. Join us in our mission and let’s make a difference together.