Build Your Own Online Bookstore With Us


Your Customizable Platform for Year-Round Literary Exploration.

What is the eBookstore?

The Bookworm Central eBookstore is a customizable virtual platform tailored for schools, organizations, and not-for-profits. It offers a unique blend of features, from personalized landing pages and diverse shopping categories to recommended reading sections and wish lists. With 24/7 year-round access, it transcends the limitations of traditional book fairs, promoting reading and providing an innovative fundraising avenue.

eBookstore Features


Schools can tailor the look of the store and the books they offer.

Landing Page

Schools can control featured content, welcome messages, events, and recommended reading.

Recommended Reading

Can be set by grade or other criteria.

School Wish List

Allows teachers or educators to create wish lists for their classrooms.

24/7 Access

Shop anytime, anywhere. Our platform is always open for your literary needs.

Community Book Drive

Support literacy and other causes through our dedicated donation section.

Coordinator and Teacher Access

Both roles can log in to manage wish lists, view orders, and access resources. Coordinators can also customize the bookstore page and manage proceeds.

eBookstore Benefits

The platform is user-friendly, with intuitive features for both coordinators and teachers, making book selection and wish list creation straightforward.

Ensuring all students have equitable access to books, especially during challenging times.

Generate funds for your institution while promoting literacy.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Bookworm Central Online Bookstore is a customizable platform designed for schools, organizations, and not-for-profits. It offers a virtual alternative to traditional in-school book fairs, allowing users to curate and promote book selections year-round.

All schools, organizations, and not-for-profits are welcome to sign up and create their own customized ebookstore.

Upon signing up, you’ll be guided through a customization process where you can select colors, feature specific book lists, set up teacher wish lists, and more. We also offer a tutorial to assist you in the customization process.

Unlike traditional book fairs that are time-limited, your ebookstore is accessible 24/7 throughout the entire school year.