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Unlock the Power of Data with Custom Reporting

Tailored insights to drive educational success.

Data is Important, and We Know It!

Ever thought about how data could be your best friend in the classroom? Well, it’s true! In our ever-changing educational world, understanding the nitty-gritty details about our students’ learning can be a game-changer. Custom reporting isn’t just a fancy term—it’s our way of giving you the superpower to make learning more fun and effective for every student.

Here’s What You Can Discover:

Get to Know Reading Levels Like a Pro

Ever wondered where each student’s reading journey is at? With custom reporting, you’ll have a clear picture! It’s like having a roadmap to ensure every student has just the right book in their hands, making reading a joyous adventure.

Spot the Next Big Thing in Education

The world of learning is always buzzing with new ideas and methods. Our custom reports help you spot the latest trends, so you’re always one step ahead, ready to bring the best to your classroom.

Craft Learning Adventures Tailored Just for Them

Every student is unique, and our reports celebrate that! Discover the special strengths, interests, and dreams of each learner. With these insights, you can create magical learning experiences that resonate with every individual.

Celebrate Every Little Win

Every step forward is a reason to cheer! With real-time updates on student progress, you can celebrate every achievement, big or small, and offer a helping hand whenever needed.

Features of Our Custom Reporting

BMAPS Technology

Exclusive data mining and analysis tool.

Interactive Dashboard

User-friendly interface for easy data navigation and interpretation.

Quality & Quantity

Comprehensive data collection without compromising on relevance.


Data insights geared towards tangible educational results.

Why Choose Bookworm Central?

Simply put, we have the ability to do it, and we do it best. Our commitment to leveraging data for optimal educational outcomes is unmatched. With our finger on the pulse of educational trends and a deep understanding of interest levels, we ensure that every student benefits from our data-driven approach.