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Empower Your Book Fair: Streamline Operations with BMAPS

What is BMAPS?

BMAPS was specifically designed by Bookworm Central to provide its customers with a complete solution for effectively running and managing Bookworm Central book fairs.

By using BMAPS, book fair coordinators can focus their energy and attention on the social and educational aspects of their fairs. It aims to overcome many common coordinator challenges and simplifies the entire process of managing a book fair from start to finish.

BMAPS Features

  • Cloud-based software, so no installation or special equipment is necessary.
  • User-friendly operations.
  • Provides multi-user options for multiple sales stations that can handle simultaneous cash, check, and credit card transactions at different stations.
  • Ability to email itemized receipts to clients.
  • Apply and record discounts given on sales to teachers.
  • Process books kept as proceeds for proper end-of-fair inventory reconciliation.
  • Track prepaid backorders as sales are made.
  • Process gift certificates and product returns.
  • Manage restocks & back-orders, including automatic creation of restock and backorder reports at the end of each day.
  • Incorporate restocks and backorders into the main fair inventory upon shipment.
  • Create teacher wish lists.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities, including cash, check, and credit card sales reports.

Who benefits from BMAPS?

Book Fair Coordinators

These are individuals responsible for organizing, managing, and overseeing the book fairs. BMAPS allows them to focus on the social and educational aspects of the fairs by simplifying many of the logistical and management challenges.


Since the tool is designed for managing book fairs, schools that host such events would find BMAPS beneficial. It would assist school staff or volunteers in handling sales, inventory, and other book fair-related tasks.

Sales Stations Operators

BMAPS provides multi-user options for multiple sales stations. Operators at these stations can handle transactions, process gift certificates, manage product returns, and more.


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